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Our Staff


Andres joined Siegel TLC Animal Clinic in 2009. His love for animals since he was a kid and his background as a Veterinary Technician for over 6 years makes him a great asset to our Clinic staff. He is currently attending Florida International University pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. His special interests are dental cleanings and emergency medicine, but he likes to do just about anything to help pets and nursed them back to health. You may happen to see his adorable rat terrier Kimmy playing around the clinic. In his spare time, he enjoys playing sports, video games and reading.


Janay started as a Veterinary Technician at Siegel TLC Animal Clinic in 2010. During her high school years she volunteered at the Humane Society of Greater Miami where her love for animals only grew stronger leading her to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Biology at Florida International University where she is currently enrolled. Janay possesses a great sense of work ethics and it is extremely satisfying for her to know she is making a difference in people's lives by helping to mantain and improve the health of their furry canine and feline companions. When she is not working or studying, Janay enjoys taking care of her fighting fish Julian, watching movies and dancing. 


Brenda has been a part of Siegel TLC Animal Clinic since January of 2014. Her extremely friendly personality, "can do" attitude, diligence and customer service skills, makes her a valuable member of the administrative / front desk clinic team. Since she was a little girl she felt a profound love for all animals which lead her to volunteer at all the animal shelters across town. You might find her looking for homes for stray animals as they always happen to find her!. Brenda has rescued or taken in several cats and dogs, some of her rescues have even become permanent family members. Brenda and her son currently have a dog named Babies and a family or four cats. She likes to spend her free time playing sports and taking care of her pets.


Michelle has been a part of our front desk staff and family since 2016. Loving animals isn't just a job for her, over the years she has opened her home to many cats and dogs. She currently shares her life with her dogs Princess and Rexy, and her cats Kitty, Oliver and Twinny. 


Dandelion was brought to the clinic when she was about 2 days old by a caring man who saw her on the street suffering abuse. Fast forward 11 yrs and she is the most caring beautiful cat you can imagine. Always ready to welcome our patients at the clinic. She truly is our living reminder of how timely veterinary aid and tender loving care will save a life!


Danny came to us through one of our clients who had a litter of kittens and it happened they looked a lot like our Dandelion! Long story short we decided to keep him and they have been the best of buddies for 11 years! Danny is as sweet as can be, always greeting our big and small patients and clients. You might happen to see him lounging by the window in his bed for hours!